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 PHOTO GALLERY: Visual ideas to help inspire your creativity!

"Before" picture of a sock drawer.
"After" picture of a sock drawer.

"After" ten minutes and three cardboard boxes trimmed to size: Subdividing drawers helps contain clutter and is a visual guide to maintain clutter.
"Before" picture of a dresser top.
"After" picture of a dresser top.

"After" ten minutes and the purchase of an attractive lidded basket. Containing clutter can make it less visually distracting but still keep it accessible.

Uncluttered kitchen storage solutions.
A lazy susan improves a dead corner.

Kitchen improvements: Tip-out trays and lazy susans can be purchased after-market at home building supply stores.
Children's bedroom closet.
Behind the bedroom closet door.

Closet systems use every inch of closet space. No wasted pockets of air space. The most helpful systems are adjustable as needs change over time. Shoe bags can hold many things besides shoes and they are nicely concealed behind the door much of the time.